This course is for everyone, and can be conducted one to one or in a group setting. The structure in this course is the back bone behind all our courses.

This educational programme takes you through 6/7 sessions of exploring how you have been taught to deal with losses (or not), what behaviours that you have developed to cope – even destructive ones. With those new learning’s of which will lead, guide and support you towards a peaceful outcome.

Unresolved grief can have the most devastating effect on our lives.

This six week programme helps guide you through the loss of your pet. Often we find that people will say, “what’s wrong, don’t be sad, we will get you a new pet next weekend”. Sometimes the loss of a pet is diminished. Yet, the most upsetting losses I have ever encountered in my early adult life, were the loss of my pets.

Our first dog as a married couple was a Doberman called “Kelly”. Kelly is the reason that we started Port Grenaugh Kennels back in 1987. She meant everything to us, came everywhere with us and was a constant loving companion with such a great sense of humour. She even smiled (which did freak some people out). Our children used her as a walking frame when they were getting onto their feet. 

Eventually, old age happened and her neck had become sore – all the joints through wear, and the day came when she was obviously suffering. We took her into the vet, and I knew that if he thought that she had to “go” he would only say so for her good. Sadly we had to say goodbye. It broke all our hearts and we were upset for days. We did have a little service for her with the children to say goodbye. She had a big impact on us and left a big hole in our hearts.

Do not ever let anyone tell you what you should feel about your beloved pet. How you feel is unique to you. Your relationship with your pet is unique to you, and so it is when they have to pass on.