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This is a must for all Human Resources departments and companies with staff issues:

The Grief Recovery Method

What I am offering you in this educational programme is 6 sessions delivered in person one to one, or 7 sessions if in a group, the solution to all those staff members distracted with their emotional thoughts! 
What do you currently do when faced with a member of staff that has had a bereavement, marital breakdown, health issues or displaying anger and hostility to other team members? 
Unresolved grief is the most destructive and devastating emotion, leading to stress, anxiety, depression or outbursts of anger. 

This is where I have the solution to this, and it’s wonderfully effective! It doesn’t involved drugs of any kind and makes a big difference in people’s lives. Let me help you get those members of staff back to work quicker!

  • Reduced sick notes
  • Staff performance issues
  • See Colleague and team relationships improve quickly

This educational course contains:-

  • A handbook for each person
  • Printed homework sheet
  • Emotional Support during difficult issues

All this and it costs less than £600, one to one or £650 for groups! 


Addressing Grief and Loss for about 30 minutes including feedback allowing staff to talk about their experiences.  This can be part of your well being week/project      £150.00

Emergency Support:

A Talk Support and information sheet for staff dealing with the loss of a colleague within the team/company.     Please enquire.

Telephone Diane on 07624 472140 
Email for more information