No amount of psychoanalysing will help you heal your broken heart

One to One

Welcome to my one to one programme

Grief is the natural emotion that we all do when we experience a loss of any kind! Death, divorce, relationships breaking down, health issues, financial issues, pet loss! People will experience at least 40 kinds of losses over their life time. Collectively unresolved, people do not realise the impact this does have in our day to day life.

Living with the pain of unresolved grief is the most destructive and devastating emotion, leading to stress, anxiety, depression even causing outbursts of anger!

Living in grief is exhausting, and steals our precious time. Giving yourself permission to work on the pain that you have been carrying in your heart will allow you to have joy in your life once again.

Widowed in 2016, sister diagnosed 3 months later, dying in 2017 I understand the journey but seldom do people realise the impact of those other losses. Time is our most precious gift, free yourself to live your life without that pain.

Help for yourself and family with :-

  • Releasing unresolved grief
  • Get the steps to help you through losses for the rest of your life
  • Re-educate yourself about myths and beliefs around your losses
  • Finding peace and closure to pain, to support your future
  • Discovering the future after and what that might hold free of that pain

Create a healthier and happier life!

  • Complimentary Grief Recovery Method Handbook
  • Weekly worksheets
  • Additional support if required
  • Safe and confidential environment
  • Support your journey for moving forward

This course can also be run in Small Groups

No time to attend, find out how this can be delivered online

If you would like a more in depth conversation about how this wonderful course can help you, please do not hesitate to contact Diane on 07624 472140 or email .

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